Collins Barrow
“Be a Challenger: What’s Your Why?”

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Collins Barrow
"Be a Challenger: What's Your Why?"

Building on the success of the first two “Be A Challenger” programs, Mayk brought the Collins Barrow Challenger story full circle to answer the all-important question of “why?” Partnering again with Darcy Tucker, we inspired Canadians to share their “why” in life – their reason or purpose – and how embracing the Challenger mindset can help them, no matter their”why,” such as taking their business to new heights or being a role model for their kids. The story was brought to life via digital, social, on-site activation, video and gated content, PR and a special event with a charity partner. 


Content. Inspiration. Contest details. It all lived in this dynamic digital campaign hub. We even brought in fans’ thoughtful #BeAChallenger “whys” that they shared over social, because their stories are what really makes this a movement.


To engage our client’s business audience, we incorporated a lead-generation element, offering them valuable content. 

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Rima, what do we want to highlight here? I think this pic is from Red Deer and the first Challenger/MC campaign, so we should switch it out. Maybe an image from the Community Living event?