99 Jarvis Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5C 2H4   |   416-364-8576
99 Jarvis Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5C 2H4   |   416-364-8576

Our Story

Built to mayk a difference

We’re a strategic team, which means we’re agile enough to mayk anything happen quickly, yet with impact. We’re also a little quirky – in addition to marketing, our professional backgrounds range from corporate finance, business development and journalism to application development and innovation management. It means we think in multi-coloured hues. Our ideas are unique, diverse and informed. Our execution is precise.

How’d we mayk it here?

Before we were Mayk Ideas – early 2000s  – we were Akcessia, a business incubator and corporate financial advisory group as well as a venture accelerator. So we get business. And now, we apply that knowledge and entrepreneurial mindset to brand marketing and growth.

Our method

You know your brand better than anyone. That’s why our method begins – and ends – with getting to know you, your “why” and the value you extend to your customers. That’s your story. Then we craft a strategy that reflects both the value you provide, as well as your brand and business goals. From there, we’ll combine superb content, design and strategic positioning to bring your brand aspirations to life.

Strategy Development100%
Content Marketing100%
Social Media100%
Creative Design100%
Business Development100%