She’s back (and better than ever!)

We are delighted to welcome back Meghan Assenza to our Mayk family in the role of Director, Marketing & Client Growth. We couldn’t be more pleased!

A long-valued member of our client services team, previously serving as Senior Marketing Manager, Meghan will now be engaged even more closely with clients. In particular, she will assist them with their strategic marketing and business development initiatives, as well as their growth goals. Meghan will provide key support services enhancing client growth efforts and providing opportunities for increased market reach and brand visibility. From social media marketing and traditional media to advertising strategies–combined with smart planning and execution tactics–in this role, Meghan will offer expert guidance and knowledge to clients across Canada and internationally.

“Meghan is the perfect fit for this role, which will empower her to combine her expertise in marketing strategy and media buying, with her drive and desire to enhance innovative client portfolios and business opportunities,” said May Katorji, our CEO & Chief Creative Officer. “We look forward to having Meghan, who is deeply talented and dedicated, work with our creative services team and our intrepid clients to create impactful value and transform brands.”