1549 King Street North, P.O. Box 239, St. Jacobs, Ontario, N0B 2N0   |   416-364-8576
1549 King Street North, P.O. Box 239, St. Jacobs, Ontario, N0B 2N0   |   416-364-8576

Angie speaks truth to power through social justice advocacy

At the age of 12, Angie was already advocating for social justice among her peers. Assigned the task of delivering a speech to her classmates on a topic of her choosing, Angie seized the opportunity to make a statement. She gave a passionate speech condemning bullying in the school yard, fiercely challenging her peers to recognize how ignoring such a cruel act was tantamount to performing the act itself.

Fast-forward to today and that young warrior has flourished into an accomplished and driven professional. A quick overview of Angie’s career reveals an inspired and ambitious advocate dedicated to not only encouraging change but striving to achieve it. As the Manager of Investigation for the Ontario Human Rights Commission, Angie worked to prevent discrimination and advance human rights in Ontario; as a Senior Case Manager & Registrar for the Office of the Independent Police Review Director, she sought to restore faith and confidence in the public complaints system while ensuring cases were adjudicated in a just and transparent manner; and today, she resolves conflict and inequalities in the workplace. “I’ve always had a thirst for human rights and advocating for the advancement of rights,” says Angie. “I believe in speaking truth to power, challenging injustices and working to correct those injustices.”

As a woman in the industry, Angie is quick to recognize her success in the early stages of her career was due in part to the support she received from coworkers and mentors. There were also challenges though. “In my experience, the workplace culture was – and still is, to some degree – narrow, often discouraging women from championing other women for fear of career reprisal,” says Angie.

She recognizes an imbalance exists but views it as an opportunity for women in the workplace to come together and support each other. “We need to be more strategic in our thinking and understand the progress of one is the progress of all,” says Angie. “We need to encourage one another to challenge the status quo, to be leaders, to be courageous, and address injustices in the workplace. If we can champion each other, we will create our own window of opportunity to shift workplace paradigms and create a more equitable and accessible environment.”

When she’s not working to create positive change in the world, Angie enjoys spending time with her daughters and husband, watching tennis and cheering on the family-favourite, Roger Federer.