She’s our #SocialMedia Savant!

We are excited to welcome to the halls of Mayk a super cool Fall / Winter intern, Lina Shoukry.  A senior at the University of Toronto, Lina’s joined team “Growth” and has jumped right into some exciting work with our marketers, innovators and “maykers”  that is focused on building and connecting client audiences and user bases across marketing channels. Totally “social” and a fanatic about analytics, and social messaging, Lina’s getting ready to drive traffic exponentially on every program within which she is involved.

“At Mayk, we are dedicated to developing young talent – the next generation of growth-minded professionals.  I appreciate that Lina’s ready to crush the challenges of a mash up of lead generation, marketing automation and social media management for our clients and for our own internal disruptive campaigns” says Abigail Gamble, Director Growth.