99 Jarvis Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5C 2H4   |   416-364-8576
99 Jarvis Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5C 2H4   |   416-364-8576

Good branding is always in style

Mayk Ideas is Agency of Record for District Hair

TORONTO, ON – We’re pleased to serve for another year as the creative and marketing team for our favourite luxury salon, District Hair.

Since the award-winning stylists, Mickey Svircevic and Karyn Marie opened shop in 2017, we’ve been on hand to help them develop their visual brand identity and digital presence. From developing and launching their website to logo and marketing collateral designs, our creative team loves the chance to have some fun with the edgy brand.

Always ready to push the style envelope–whether with their hair designs, contemporary space or visual brand–District Hair is ready to expand their digital and social media presence in 2019.

“Mickey and Karyn are creatives themselves, even though their palette may be a bit different than ours,” says May Katorji, CEO and Chief Creative Officer at Mayk Ideas. “They understand the value of showcasing their work as art, and trust our team to creatively engage their market.”

“As long-time fans of Mayk’s work, they were the only option we considered to act as our marketing connoisseurs,” said Mickey Svircevic, co-founder and stylist at District Hair. “They understand the heart of our business, which is people, and how important genuine brand representation is to establishing true connections with our clients.”