‘The Negotiator’ maneuvers us to success

Energy is Meghan Assenza’s middle name, so expect to always be on a high when working with her! We’re excited to announce that Meghan, our Senior Marketing Manager at Mayk, will act as engagement lead for the Collins Barrow regional offices, alongside her many other client portfolios. Teaming up with Rima Katorji, our VP Marketing Strategy and acting CMO for Collins Barrow National, Meghan will bring the highest level of client attention, knowledge and value to the 40+ Collins Barrow offices across the country. From helping execute National programming to establishing unique in-market activation opportunities and lead generation plans, Meghan will keep this “challenger brand” on mission.

“Entrusting in-market brand initiatives to an action-oriented professional like Meghan means that we can engineer value for our audit, tax and speciality services advisors each and every day,” says May Katorji, CEO and Chief Creative Officer at Mayk. “I know that she will keep the big goals in focus, while providing clients with the customized support and marketability they require – especially with such an influential and entrepreneurial brand as Collins Barrow.”