Her Growth game is no gamble

We are very pleased to announce that Abigail Gamble has been named Director, Growth. Abigail is stepping into this leadership role on the management team to drive growth, create meaningful partnerships that enhance client experiences, as well as build brand and visibility. In this challenging and meaningful role, she will generate energy in both our partnerships and community to drive top line performance.

Abigail’s global influences, deep engagement in content and strategy development are key factors for this promotion. We know that she will deliver innovation at all turns – with clients, affiliates, our team and our greater tribe. Growth, in our world, is the embodiment of opportunity , possibility and contribution. Abigail represents all this and more. Her most recent work with complex social platform development integrated with analytics,  content strategy and business development have built the groundwork for this role and the work that she will do with clients in Canada and globally.

“Abigail is a force – magnetic, a change agent, dedicated and influential in re-imagining what our agency can be to clients and to the world.  She’ll expand our value and in return, package and share triumph and success in a variety of forms to all those we and our clients hope to reach,” says May Katorji, CEO and Chief Creative Officer. “I can think of no other person so ready to meet the world with creative intent, positive spirit and client-driven focus. Like I always say, its no gamble to entrust growth in a Gamble.”